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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's wednesday, september 12th. we begin with breaking news in the middle east. chris stevens died yesterday when protesters attacked the us kons late. president obama shared his condolences. >> today, we mourn four more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in the
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commitment to see justice is done. make no mistake, justice will be done. meanwhile, we are learning more about the attack. melissa is live with more. >> hey, keith. since the deaths, the president ordered increased security. as many as 200 marines could be sent to libya to bolster security. >> 52-year-old jay christopher steven z was a career diplomat. he was assigned earlier this year. he served two tours in libya running the office in benghazi against gadhafi. he once worked as an international trade here in washington. a large mob stormed the consulate with automatic weapons firing at the building before burning it to the ground. stevens was found in a small room where he was taking cover.
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he and three others killed after they came back to help with evacuations. neighboring egypt scaled the walls, tearing down and burning the american flag. libyan officials held a press conference earlier today. >> we have been looking into this matter seriously since last night. we are gathering information and we are looking at it very closely. we are determined, both the congress and the government to take action on those guys who have murdered innocent people. >> reporter: the protesters angry over an amateur american made film called innocence of muslims. it's critical of muhammed. >> reporter: the local preacher began to talk about it and say this movie, it was only
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described as a movie, not a youtube-type video, was about to be broadcast nationwide in the united states on the anniversary of 9/11. that's why people came out yesterday to demonstrate. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton, condemned the attack saying she called on authorities to protect americans there. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. and now, because of this tragedy, we haveew heroes to honor and more friends to mourn. >> also killed, foreign service officer, sean smith. he was the husband and father of two. the u.s. has not released the other two victim's names. stevens was the sixth killed in office. the last in 1979. keith? >> thank you. stay tuned for more on the
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violent killing of chris stevens. stay up to date on alexandria police are searching for a man who assaulted a woman on her morning jog. she was on the trail around 6:00 this morning. a man approached her from behind and grabbed her. she is working with officers to try to get out a description of the suspect. no arrested have been made. animal control officers in fairfax county say a beaver that chased a group of kids was rabid. the children just finished fishing saturday when they say a beaver started swimming toward the dock they were on. the animal leapt out of the water and started chasing them. an animal control officer eventually shot him. the beaver attacked an 83-year-old woman just last week.
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turning to the weather now, beautiful. look at that blue sky. >> i'm looking and i'm liking. looking and liking. sunny and mild. storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein joins us. >> hi, tom. >> we are code green. we have good air quality. breathe deeply. we have a warm air mass thanks to high pressure pushing from canada. as we look at what's been happening over the last several hours, there's a view from space. a beautiful, clear sky across the entire region. this will be with us throughout the rest of the day today. right now, we have a region that's now warming into the low 70s right around the metro area. that includes montgomery, arlington, fairfax. the district of columbia, low to mid-70s. temperatures in the mountains this morning were in the 40s. now, warming into the 60s and
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70s there. we'll have this wonderful pattern continuing. you'll see my updated seven day outlook coming up in just a few minutes. barbara and keith? >> thanks. we're going check the midday traffic now. >> danella sealock, do you have good news for us? >> i do. a lot of roadways look better than earlier this morning. i-66 right now eastbound, 60 miles per hour from fair factfa the belt way 11 minutes. 63 miles per hour on 95. on 395, not bad at all to the 14th street bridge. you are at 50 miles per hour. once you cross the 14th street bridge, here is what you are facing. road work blocking the right lanes here. you are slow as you head into the district. no accidents in the area. barbara and keith, back to you. >> thank you so much danella. this morning, family,
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friends and classmates are mourning the loss of a high school junior shot and killed as he walked to school. as police search for the killer, tony is following the story live in capital heights. tony, good morning. >> reporter: barbara, good morning. elizabeth ross moved back to district heights in 2009. she thought her kids would be able to protect themselves. yesterday, her worst nightmare came true when her son was gunned down on the way to school. >> basically walking to school. making sure she's safe. >> reporter: a very uneasy feeling this morning as family members walk their kids to class. just yesterday, 11th grader marquel ross was shot down on his way to school. >> detectives are working on the case. we are looking for witnesses. >> reporter: with no leads our suspects, the police are asking for the public's help for information about the shooting.
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it's something she never thought she'd have to deal with. >> we were talking about him going to college. i would like to see him going into the reserves. i'm not going rest until i know who killed him and why. >> reporter: she knew he was having problems in school with bullies. she took the complaints up to the board of education. >> always want to fight, every time he see them, they want to say something to him. >> reporter: he was on the honor roll, on the track team and part of rotc. he was part of the modelling club and a beloved student. >> he had boundless potential. he's going to be missed. our entire community is grieving his loss. >> reporter: barbara and keith, we spoke to prince george's county police. they have no update at this time. no suspect, no leads and no motive. we are live in capital heights,
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tony tall. >> thank you. a man is in the hospital after being stabbed several times along lincoln road. the victim's name has not been released. no arrested have been made. police are looking for the person responsible for shooting a 16-year-old boy in the district. the shooting happened just after 1:00 this morning near 37th street and ridge road in southeast. the victim was shot in the stomach. he was taken to the hospital in serious, but stable condition. police have not released a motive or description of the suspect in this case. several dogs are being treated after an elderly woman was found dead inside her home. police found her inside her home. officers found ten small dogs in the home. three of the animals did not survive. the other seven are at an emergency vet for care. they will be available for
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adoption as soon as they are healthy enough. >> tyke is 11:09. why president obama is being criticized for his relationship with israel's leader. after all hype and anticipation, the day has arrived. take a look at what we can take a look at what we can expect from i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position onn women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest.
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i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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the white house denies reports that the president snubbed the israel prime ministers request for a meeting. an israeli paper says president obama denied a meeting with benjamin netanyahu. a spokesperson says they will not meet because of the president's busy election schedule. they spoke on the phone about iran's nuclear ssions. what it would take to trigger a military strike against their nuclear facilities.
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the obama administration refused. president obama heads west today. he's set to campaign in vegas. nevada is one of the highly contested states this year. the president and mitt romney are essentially tied there. the republican nominee visited reno and spoke at the annual national guard convention. >> romney will be in our area tomorrow and hold a rally at van dyke in fairfax. it begins at 11:35. the event is free. the romney campaign is asking you rscp on the virginia page of their website if you are planning to go. the obama administration approved the first group of applications for childhood arrival programs, months ahead of schedule. the department of homeland security notified a small group they can get work permits. the program is for undocumented
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immigrants that came to the u.s. before age of 16. to qualify, they must be younger than 30 and lived here more than five years. they received 72 applications. right now, congress is honoring one of the greatest golfers of all time. around palmer is being honored. let's take a live look at capitol hill where conessional leaders are honoring him. it's one of the highest civilian honors. arnold palmer deserves that. tom kierein is feeling like a king because everybody is telling him how great he is because of the weather we have been enjoying. >> if this is a dream, don't wake me up. >> keep dreaming. >> it is. it really is. open the windows, let nature
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take its course. this all began, this dream began on saturday. look at this photo. this was sent in by one of our viewers after the storm an saturday. a beautiful, double rainbow in west virginia. sent in by wanda miller. this was the beginning of the dreamy weather that's been in place since sunday. there is capitol hill under that sapphire sky, absolutely gorgeous morning under way. there's the potomac reflecting the blue sky. to the right, down river is reagan national where the temperature is 71. the dew point is dry at 58. we have a light southerly breeze there. the pollen count, well, it's the only problem. it has jumped with the dry air that's been in place. if you are feeling allergy symptoms, it's no doubt due to weed or grass pollen. as we look at the view from space, this is what's been happening over the last 12 hours.
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no clouds hardly at all. just a clear sky over the region from new england to the carolinas. from the atlantic sea board to the west. there are going to be changes coming our way. temperatures in the green areas, still in the 60s in the mountains where it was in the 40s this morning. the yellow is in the 70s. low 70s eastern shore. most of maryland, most of virginia. it's going to climb to around 80 by mid afternoon thanks to the area of high pressure over us. close to washington, montgomery, prince george, arlington and fairf fairfax. it will be 80 by afternoon. the dry air is in place. it's going to be drifting off the atlantic sea board later today and tomorrow. moving to the north and east. then a front coming in by friday evening, moving into the mountains. this area of green, potential showers, thunder and lightning in western maryland.
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parts of the shenandoah valley. as it gets closer to washington, the rain dissipates. a front moves through. weshds clear out. by saturday morning, a dry, comfortable air mass. enjoy for the rest of the afternoon, sunshine, low humidity, near 80 mid afternoon. down to the upper 70s by early evening. as you head home from work and coming home from school, sunset at 7:20. a clear, mild evening. back down to the upper 60s by midnight. light winds overnight. by dawn tomorrow, down to the low to mid-50s starting off tomorrow morning. thursday afternoon, bright and sunny again. clouds. highs near 80. low humidity in place. more of the same on friday. as we get into the weekend, the dry air moves in. we have a beautiful weekend the way it looks now. looking better than the last couple days. 80 and saturday and sunday. the next chance for rain may not come until almost a week from
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now, next tuesday may be the next chance for any rain. it sure is great for outdoor work and recreation. enjoy. >> a lot of it or all of it? >> i have more to do. >> big yard. all right, thank you, tom. we are going to check on midday traffic now. danella sealock, any changes to report? >> things are looking good. checking metro for you. if you are jumping on metro, no delays right now. do it. hit the roadways, i-95 is nice and clear. southbound and northbound toward i-195, no issues to report. closer southbound, heading to the beltway, you are at 63 miles per hour, southbound not bad. connecting to the beltway, if you are traveling the inner or outer loop, no issues to report. it's clear at coastal road. the travel speeds here, a beautiful 58 miles per hour. ten minutes to get from i-95 to
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i-270. what more can you ask for barbara and keith? >> it looks great. thanks a lot. it is 19 minutes after 11:00. still ahead, do you know how to protect yourself from an attacker? we have life saving advice for you. plus, a popular supplement. what are the benefits of taking it. a new study is out with surprising information. first, here is what's hot on [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families.
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north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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how to protect yourself if you are in a dangerous situation. it's not something you like to think about but probably should. we are joined by self-defense
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instructors. let's start by, should you be seeking confrontation? you shouldn't, should you? >> absolutely not. we are going to learn a ton of techniques to keep you safe, the first technique is to avoid the situation. >> how do you tell people to avoid a confrontation or attack? how can you tell people, stay out of it? >> nine times out of ten, ego and the inability to step down causes a lot of confrontations. the first things we tell our students or anyone walking the street, if you are confronted, hands up, i don't want trouble. i want to walk away. whatever the person is seeking from you, money or those type of things, if there's a weapon involved, walk away. >> that can't always be the case. when the confrontation happens, you are the lead instructor?
11:25 am
>> yes. >> miguel you are getting attacked. rita, your attacking. show us something to take away thout been physically trained. >> one of the first things that is important to learn how to do is protect your head. what a lot of folks don't understand is most of these confrontations end up on the ground. we are already in a bad situation. so, the first thing miguel is going to do is tuck his chin. if he feels he's going to fall, he brings himself close to the ground. if i push him, he's going to tuck his chin, roll to the ground, he puts his hands out. he may get bruising. >> you tuck the chin, why? you don't want to back of your head to slam? >> right. if you do and you are out cold, you know, there's nothing you can do to protect yourself. >> he has his hands against the ground and legs up.
11:26 am
why? what is step two? >> if i'm attacking him, he wants to keep the distance. keep me from mounting him. he's got his legs here to protect him from my attack. if i move in, he can kick toward the face, toward the knee and the ability to sit up. >> what about the hands? what is he doing with h hands? what is he or she doing with their hands while being attacked? >> he's trying to make enough space to leave the situation. we don't want to stand toe-to-toe. as a woman, i don't want to stand toe toe toe with a guy that is larger than me. he has his hands up here to avoid punches and attacks. he's able to see me and i'm not able to get around him. >> how does he get out of it? >> he wants to incapacitate me. he takes the bottom leg, kicks
11:27 am
toward my knee and he steps back, bring his hands up and he's ready to run. >> the whole purpose is to get out of the situation. >> right. >> not engage further than you have to. >> absolutely. there are places like our academy to come and get that training. >> you do two free clinics for women to learn self-defense. >> absolutely. i think it's important for women to know how to defend themselves from the ground. that starts from the inside. gaining that confidence to walk down the street, confidently knowing you can get away from a dangerous situation. >> rita floyd, miguel escobar, thanks for stopping by. >> thank you so much. this is awesome. >> barb? >> interesting. coming up in the next half hour, the big announcement from apple. a new iphone. we'll take a look at the improvements the company is likely to have made. plus any chance the summer
11:28 am
heat and humidity is going to come back? tom kierein will have an update for us. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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right now, president obama is condemning an attack that killed a u.s. ambassador to libya. chris stevens and three others died. they were angry over a film an american made that was critical of the profit. police are looking for the gunman responsible for killing a high school junior as he walked to school. marquel ross was shot yesterday morning in district heights as he walked to central high school. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case. students are out of class in chicago for a third day as teachers walk the picket line. they are meeting this morning to
11:32 am
review a new contract proposal from the school board. the negotiators say it addresses all thessues o the table. the union and the board cannot agree on a new teacher evaluation system in a process to decide which laid off teachers can be rehired. negotiations are scheduled to resume at noon. a man whose wife was killed in a high profile shooting has been found dead himself. the 62-year-old man was found by a maintenance worker yesterday. he may have been dead for several days when he was found. his wife was killed by a culpeper town police officer back in february. that officer has been fired and faces murder charges. cook filed a multimillion dollar wrongful death suit. there are no signs of foul play in his death. there could be fall out from
11:33 am
kwame brown's fraud case. a judge says brown agreed to cooperate. it's not clear what the other matters are or who they are pertaining to. he's scheduled to be sentenced on bank fraud in november. at large member says someone stole more than $100,000 from his campaign fund. he found out in june and fired the treasurer. he hasn't said who he believes did it, but he trusted that person for years. >> the person who em bbezzled fm the campaign had been working with me more than half a decade. it's someone i had confidence in as well as many members of el t elected officials in the district of columbia but in the region this person worked for. >> police have not filed charges in the case. brown wants to person
11:34 am
responsible to be prosecutored. in an hour, mac fans everywhere will drop everything to watch the release of the iphone 5. it's touted as the biggest electronic release of all time. jay gray has more on what to expect from san francisco. >> reporter: faster, slimmer, sleeker, more memory, bigger screen and better applications. it can feed your dev change your baby's diaper. well, the last two are a bit of a stretch. speculation about the new iphone and what it may be able to do has been building for months now. >> it's what i'm curious to see, the laws of physics and design. a phone can only be a phone. we are not going to get a magical flying spaceship. it's a ruffly square device with a touch screen that is relati relatively familiar to people. >> reporter: what's unfamiliar is the ability to make a call,
11:35 am
send a text. today's announcement could be the biggest electronic launch of all time that 5.5 million could sell during the debut weekend and ultimately, sales could alter the u.s. economy. >> just when you think it could not be ramped up higher, it could impact the entire united states gross domestic prodetective. >> reporter: jpmorgan says it could boost the gdp by one quarter to half a percentage point. the technical questions should be answered later this morning when we find out what's at the center of this new apple's core. jay grarks nbc news, foe. >> are you kited about that? >> not really. it's going to cost a lot of money. >> yeah. generally, the price goes down.
11:36 am
>> am i excited about the overall venture, absolutely. >> it's going to be excited. let's check in with tom kierein to see what the latest is on the forecast. >> is the forecast money? >> it is. once again, a gentle breeze blowing. i'm out here on the weather deck. we are just past 11:30 now. it's just now getting into the comfort zone after a chilly morning. it's getting comfortably mild. as we look at temperatures around the region under the gorgeous blue sky. right now, 71 at reagan national. it's in the comfort zone. low to mid-70s across northern virginia. the nearby suburbs in arlington, fairfax, prince george's. the wider view showing temperatures out ott mountains as well as the eastern shore and around the bay, southern maryland in the mid-70s most areas. the storm team four-day forecast, we are going to keep
11:37 am
it going. each day, warm afternoons, cool mornings, low humidity. a few clouds coming in saturday morning. a gorgeous weekend. coming up is the way it looks right now. highs near 80 saturday and sunday. we could get rain monday night and maybe on tuesday next week. so, we have a long stretch of dry weather. the only downside, the pollen count is up. if you are sensitive to weeds and ragweed, it's going to be a problem with the dry air causing the pollen counts to be high. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, nearly 200 police cruisers are off the streets in montgomery county. the crown crivictorias are bein checked out for steering problems. crown victorias make up a third of the county's fleet. inspectors have cleared more than 100 of the cars.
11:38 am
they expect to complete the inspections by saturday. we are going to check on the midday traffic, again. danella, what's the latest? >> watching the 14th street bridge is not bad. blocking the left lane here. you are slow as you head into the district. 395, no accidents. as far as delays, you are good until you approach the 14th street bridge. now we head over to the american leenlg on. we are not seeing issues there on the inner or outer loop. nice and clear. also, checking on the key bridge. as you make your way inbound and outbound, no issues to report. no accidents in this area. back to you both. >> that's what we want to keep hearing. this midday, we have the answer to questions thousands of virginia drivers are asking. the new red lines on i-66, what's the deal? v-dot says it's to draw
11:39 am
attention to the lanes you can use on certain lanes. a green arrow or red x says when you can or cannot use it. painting the lanes will make the rules more clear. a campus controversy is brewing. an assistant professor is under fire for breast-feeding her baby during class. it happened two weeks ago during the first day of sex, gender and culture class. she brought her infant daughter to class and breast-fed without covering up in front of 40 students. the school newspaper contracted her. she said she couldn't take her daughter today care because she was sick. cancelling class did not seem like an option. >> i felt uncomfortable in that class. >> i think women should be allowed to breast-feed in public. it's not something that is unnatural or something we should be ashamed of. >> the professor declined to
11:40 am
talk to us. the school issued a statement says au does not have a policy that expresses breast-feeding. d.c. law does not prohibit breast-feeding in certain environments. we want to know how you feel about it. the discussion continues online on our facebook page. register your feelings. if you attend harvard or attended there in the past, it's okay to beat your chest. it's the best school in the country according to u.s. news and world reports. it's tied for princeton as number one overall. yale in third. georgetown is the top ranked local school. it's 21st on the list. an old dog is having to learn new tricks to save his life. take a look at obie, the daschund, thought to be the world's fattest weaner dog at 77
11:41 am
pounds. it's twice as large as the average daschund. his new foster mom is putting him on a weight los plan that involves a strict diet. he can't do normal exercises. the goal is to lose 40 pounds. he's already beginning to shed the weigh. >> he has a lot of cushion, that's for sure. a lot of cushion, a lot of cushion. still ahead, how do you known when a child's tantrums are a sign of a bigger problem? plus, something many people swear by. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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a whistle blower is getting a big pay off for helping the
11:45 am
internal revenue service. they are giving a former swiss banker $104 million for helping bring in tax cheats. he told the government what went on inside ubs banks wealth management division. it came at a personal cost to him. he served two years in prison for helping american clients hide their money overseas. he was released last month. lawyers are asking for a presidential pardon. the federal reserve meets to take steps to inspire the u.s. economy. let's check in with cnbc. we are joined live with the rest on that and the rest of the day's headlines. >> the federal reserve is why the stocks are trading in the narrow range. we got more news about germany's participation solving the debt crisis. the dow up 34 points, nasdaq up five. the s&p is up three points.
11:46 am
germany's highest court ruled they could contribute to europe's $640 billion rescue fund to help italy and spain work through billions of dollars of debt. in washington, the federal reserve is beginning a two-day meeting. more moves to help the economy. buying more treasury bonds to keep interest rates low and pushing the target for when the fed will raise interest rates, pushing it further into the future. facebook was up back above $20 a share. late yesterday, the ceo said the social networking company has a plan and a strategy to make more money from mobile phone users visiting their website. chesapeake energy is going to sell $7 billion worth of infrastructure to wipe some debt off the books. they are trying to revamp from the drop in natural gas prices this year.
11:47 am
as you were reporting on earlier in the program, in a little more than an hour, apple is expected to unveil the iphone 5, a big event for consumers and wall street traders. >> that is a big deal. keep us posted. >> will do. as every parent of a toddler knows, children have temper tantrums. it's important to know when it signals more than the terrible twos. joshua joins us with the results of a new study that could help us understand. start by telling us, what is a tantrum and what causes it? >> it's an emotional explosion. your kid drops to the floor, they are kicking, screaming and completely out of control. >> a spoiled child? >> no. no, barbara. not at that age. not at 2 or 3 years old. it's because they are having incredible emotions they cannot handle. they are little kids.
11:48 am
their brains are not fully developed. they are frustrated. they are trying to do things they can't do physically. they are trying to express themselves. >> i have experienced my share of temper tantrums and you don't know what to do. my mother's mother said the only way to handle it is get a cold thing of water and toss it on the child. >> that probably works, but i do not advice it. i think there are more humane approaches, should we say? >> what do we do? we have a kid kicking and screaming in the middle of the store. >> okay. the first thing you want to do is validate the child's feelings. be able to say to them, i know you are so frustrated. this is really bothering you. you want that toy but i'm not buying it for you. think about it. as adults, we don't want somebody to tell us calm down,
11:49 am
this is the reason why i'm feeling the way i am. you want the person to validate you. i can see you are really, really frustrat. you have to think as a parent, why is your child having the temper tantrum? is it because they don't want to do something because they are looking for attention? if that's the case, ignore them. if they are frustrated because they can't tie their shoes. >> if they can't have a candy bar -- >> i think you say i know you are really frustrated, you are angry that i won't let you have that candy war. this is one approach. you can try ignoring, try giving them a good hug. try whispering in their ear to calm them down. you have to recognize, even with all these good ideas, it just doesn't work. it doesn't mean you are a bad pant, it's the way it goes at times. >> they will turn 3 and 4. >> i think it gets worse. they will get better by the time
11:50 am
they go to college. >> when do you know it's more than just being a terrible 2-year-old? >> this was an interesting study. believe it or not, the average 3 to 5-year-old only has a temper tantrum a few times a week. i thought it would have shown daily. 8% of kids have a daily temper tantrum. if your child is having daily temper tantrums lasting five minutes or longer, if they are hurting themselves, if it's occurring with babysitters or strangers, it could be a sign something more is going on. don't worry and rush to the pediatrician. my daughter had them that went on for 20 minutes. nut we tried could calm her down. she needed to burn herself out. sometimes you need to wait. i think it's important to be aware of statistics to have the radar up a little bit if your
11:51 am
kid is having really bad temper tantrums. >> should you ignore them when they are doing this, even if it's in a public situation or get down and say i understand why you are so upset? >> you don't want to try to reason with them. don't say i'm not buying you the candy because it's not good for your health. you want to be at their level and say i know you are really, really frustrated. this is really hard for you. if it goes on and on, try walking away, ignoring them. of course you can't walk away when you are in the store. sometimes you have to leave the store, figure it out. it's tough. they are tough times as a parent. >> i'm sure everybody watching thinks you are a terrible parent. >> we have all been there. >> this is an interesting topic. i will forgive every parent i see having that problem. it's hard to figure out what to do. >> it's tough.
11:52 am
avoid the cold water, please. >> keith? >> that was great insight. the time is 11:51. right now, coming up, wi people are watching what kate middleton is drinking. is drinking. plus, storm team 4 met
11:53 am
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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in news for your health, the popular supplement called fish oil may not have a major benefit when it comes to a healthy heart. is fish oil worth what it costs? robert bazell reports. >> reporter: she's been taking fish oil supplements as part of her heart healthy program for 20 years. >> it's lowered by cholesterol. that makes me happy. i don't have to take other medications. >> reporter: the supplements are a source of omega-3 fatty acids known to be good for the heart. sales exceed $1 billion a year. studies differ on how much it helps. the research out today combine 20 previous studies involving 68,000 patients.
11:56 am
the analysis was published today in the journal of the american medical association. the study concluded the supplements do neither harm nor good. they suffered 9% fewer heart deaths and 11% fewer heart attacks. for sudden deaths, total deaths and stroke, the study found no significant difference. >> if you focus on cardiac death, the outcome most likely influenced by fish oil, there is a significant benefit for that outcome. >> reporter: one thing the report finds is older studies showed more benefit from the supplement than newer ones. it could be because people are taking better heart medications and eating fish. >> i recommend patients take fish. if they don't like fish or want
11:57 am
to be sure they are getting omega-3s, there's no harm in taking it. >> reporter: she follows that advice. nothing in the latest research will change her mind. kate middleton is sparking new rumors she may be pregnant. the duke and duchess are in singapore to celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee. during the toast, she was drinking water instead of wine. her dress choices are less figure fitting than usual and have a little give around the stomach area. >> hmm. let's take a look at the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. coming up at 4:00, we'll have the latest on the big iphone 5 reveal. tune in for a look at that gadget. you have seen lady gaga like this. now, she has a new look. we'll show you the shaved head and whyette's more than a fashion statement. we'll tell you more about the us
11:58 am
ambassador killed in libya. the latest in a live report. and a final check on the forecast. tom? >> a wonderful day. mid-70s now. lots of sun. low humidity in place. it's the same dnesday, thursday and through the weekend the way it looks now. the next chance of rain may be tuesday. have a great day, see you tomorrow morning. >> thank you so much. thank you so much for joining us. be sure to tune in to news 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for the news. >> hope you plan to join us tomorrow. have a great day. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
11:59 am
this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan?

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